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CTC's Customers

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Raceway Park

CTC's Electrical Contracting Design/Build Team did a complete Re-Design & Upgrade on Raceway Parks Electrical Distribution System: New Larger 3-Phase Service, Power Distribution Laterals, in conjunction several 3-Phase Sub-Panels Strategically Placed Throughout the Facility.

Kari Dodge / Valley Ford

CTC's Electrical Contracting Design/Build Team, after years of Building a Solid Relationship doing Kari Dodges Service, CTC was Chosen as Their Electrical Contractor of Choice when it came to building their new Dealerships.

Kari Hyundai

CTC's Electrical Contracting Design/Build Team Did an Excellent Job on this Car Dealerships Signage and Parking Lot Lighting Design, Layout, and Installation.

*This was the 2nd Dealership CTC's Design/Build Team Completed for the Owners.

Smith Valley Fire Department

CTC's Electrical Contracting Team really Enjoyed this Project which Encompassed the Installation of a Complete Facility Generator Backup System ensuring that Smith Valley Fire Department could Provide 24/7 Emergency Service for their Coverage Area.​

*CTC Understands & Respects Their 24/7 Dedication.

Glacier Quilts

CTC's Electrical Contracting Team Completed this facility with our Trilogy of Power Protection; Ahead of Schedule, On Budget, On Specification with CTC's Fast & Friendly Service.

​* This was a Fast Track Job in the Hutton Ranch Plaza.

Hooters Restaurant, Sports Bar, & Casino

CTC's Electrical Contracting TEAM built this fast track facility right on schedule with Top-Quality Craftsmanship. CTC was the 1st Contractor to receive its final inspection/occupancy permit.

* CTC had (2) 15 man crews working Split Shifts to accommodate the General/Owners 60 day Interior Completion Schedule.

Eisinger Honda

CTC's Electrical Contracting Team Completed this Quality Project With CTC's:

​"Trilogy of Power Protection"

*On Time

*On Budget

*On Specification

FVCC Occupational Trades Building

CTC's Electrical Contracting Team was Awarded the Contract to Build FVCC's Occupational & Trades Building. This Facility is where the College Trains the Apprentice Electricians, Welders, and Other Tradesman for the Construction Industry. CTC was honored to build the building where CTC's Apprentices were taking there Electrical Courses along with the many other Apprentices in the Construction Industry ~ Building America Strong.

Head Start Facility

CTC's Electrical Contracting Team Completed this Facility as the Change Orders Progressed. This Project was underway during a time when the Construction Industry was going through Growing Pains Coupled with some Major NEC Code Changes and CTC's Team Responded Beautifully for the General Contractor and Ultimately for the Customer. CTC was Awarded the FVCC Job, in part, due to OUR performance on this Project.


CTC services Walgreens in both Idaho and Washington. CTC performs maintenance in both eastern Washington and Spokane.

Able Body Shop

CTC's Electrical Contracting Design/Build Team did an Outstanding Job on this Project for OUR Long Time Customer & Friend ~ The Late Ralph Wisher.​

*CTC ~ Taking OUR Hats off to YOU "RALPH"

Ulta Beauty

CTC was giving the contract 3 weeks late, after construction was already started. CTC was successful in completing a tightly scheduled 10 week project in only 7 weeks.

Best Buy

CTC services Best Buy in both Idaho and Washington. CTC performs maintenance in both eastern Washington and Spokane.


CTC does design builds for Man Shop.

More Commercial Clients

  • Rob’s Automotive
  • Walmart
  • Sportsman
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Holiday Inn
  • Suites Hotel
  • La Quinta
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • MacDonalds
  • Burger King
  • SUMO Sushi Restaurant
  • KIA Dealership
  • Honda Dealership
  • Ford Dealership
  • Petco
  • Verizon
  • JcPenny
  • The Buckle
  • Footlocker
  • Spencer’s
  • Chase Bank
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • WENATCHEE Valley Humane Society


  • Avista Utilities ~ CTC & Avista have a Master Agreement in place through 2020.
  • Lewis County PUD ~ On going
  • John Day Dam ~ On going
  • SEATTLE City Light ~ On going
  • SINCLAIR Systems International ~ CTC provides Maintenance Electricians for SINCLAIR’s Personnel during vacations.
  • Nisqually Tribe ~ On going
  • WENATCHEE World Newspaper Facility ~ On going
  • Inspirations Pottery ~ On going

*Several Lumber & Manufacturing Facilities On an On call basis