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How to hire the best commercial electrician for your business (2019)

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The Best Commercial Electrician

Hiring the best commercial electrician

When the lights go out, you’ll want to make sure your hiring the best commercial electrician for your business. If the electrician, you hire is not up for the job it could cost your business thousands of dollars.

Below are three quick tips on how to choose the best commercial electrical contractor for your organization.

Qualifications & Experience

There are many different specialties that electricians focus on. Ranging from residential to commercial, and industrial. When you are choosing which electric company to hire you need to make sure they specialize in solving the problem that you are having. Commercial electrical requires specialized skillsets that a residential electrician may not have.

You also want to make sure you are working with a highly qualified electrician. Choosing a Master Electrician will ensure that you are working with an electrical contractor that has substantial experience and is held to the highest standards in the industry. Asking for a list of licenses and qualifications is a good first step in picking the right electrician.

Below is a list of qualifications and licenses from the Chaz at CTC Electrical.

  • S Elec/Mech Engineering 1991 ~ EIT #22287
  • BS Construction Management 1998 ~ fm AIC #497
  • WA Electrical Contracting ~ Lic #CTCELEC852C2
  • WA Master Electrician/Adminstrator ~ Lic #CLUGSCT8770J
  • ​ID Electrical Contracting ~ Lic #029022
  • ​ID Master Electrician ~ Lic #029021
  • MT Master Electrician ~ Lic #ELE-EM-LIC-4756



One of the most important factors in choosing the right electrician is their availability. You will want to make sure you have a company that will be available around the clock to troubleshoot and fix any problems that arise.

Nothing is worse then having to shut down your business due to an electrical problem. Check to see if your electrician is open 24/7 and available to take care of those emergency situations.

Recommendations & Reviews

Finally, you will want to ask for recommendations from other business owners. You can quickly find out which companies are reputable by asking around. The best option is to look at the company’s online reviews. While doing this you will want to check for not only for companies with high ratings but companies that have A LOT of high ratings. Googling the name of the company you are thinking about working with is the quickest way to find out about their reputation.


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